PDF mixed documents

This guide covers how to upload either a PDF file that contains more than one document, or a document that you prefer for Ocrolus to classify.

Upload PDF mixed documents to Ocrolus

The steps involved are:

Check for completion


While you can request results at any point, you will only receive data from documents with VERIFICATION_COMPLETE status.

In order to receive results from a case, poll for completion for documents in a Book. In this scenario, poll for Mixed document status. Alternatively, configure a Webhook to be notified when a document or Book is complete.

Extract results from Book

The results of the classification will break down the documents per type and unit. Here are detailed steps to retrieve the results for forms and bank statements.

Once processed, forms produce JSON results comprising:

To extract the results from a Book:

Once processed, bank statements produce two results:

To extract the results from a Book:

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