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Monitor Books

Polling For Completion

In some scenarios, it may be necessary to wait for a BookBook - A Book is a container for all Documents in a Case or Loan Application. This container primarily serves as a boundary to correlate data. As such, objects in different Books can never be associated or correlated with each other. to reach a certain status before you can perform a desired action.


For instance, every DocumentDocument - A Document is a single sequence of Bank Statement pages. The sequence can contain pages from multiple Bank Statements, including different Bank Accounts and Account Holders. During data capture, Ocrolus attributes the Account Holder, Bank Account, and Period information to each processed Transaction therein. in a Book must achieve VERIFICATION_COMPLETE status before you can request analytics for the Book. To check if verification status is complete, poll the Book Status Endpoint.

Webhooks are a reliable mechanism to be notified about document completion. If setting up a publicly exposed endpoint is not an option, you can poll specific Status Query Endpoints instead.

Polling checks for an expected condition by calling a particular Query Endpoint in a loop. But since most statuses don't change often, invoking the same Query Endpoint repeatedly is likely to give the same result for most invocations.

A more efficient approach is to poll larger intervals, preferably with a back-off strategy for error conditions. These strategies are discussed in greater detail in the next section.

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Monitor Books

Polling For Completion

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