Plaid and Ocrolus have partnered to offer lenders an easier way to access bank data to make informed loan decisions.

What is Plaid?

Plaid enables you to instantly connect a customer's bank account, giving you the ability to authenticate and retrieve borrower's data directly from their financial institution.

How does Ocrolus fit in?

Ocrolus digitizes bank and credit card statements from all US financial institutions to help lenders digitize their data collection for cash-flow analysis. With the Plaid + Ocrolus integration, your users can securely link their bank accounts in seconds using Plaid’s front-end module. Plaid will retrieve the relevant bank information which can then be ingested by Ocrolus for further analysis and reporting in a seamless, secure fashion.


You will need to signup for the Plaid API keys in order to leverage their Link and API products to retrieve the borrower bank account data.

What Plaid data do we ingest?

Ocrolus can ingest the following reports from Plaid:

How do we ingest the Plaid data?

Plaid data can be provided to Ocrolus through the following means:

  • as a JSON document via the Upload Plaid JSON to Book endpoint
    This endpoint can ingest both Asset reports as well as transaction listings
  • as a Plaid Audit copy token
    This endpoint can ONLY ingest asset reports and can only process tokens from Plaid's production environment.

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