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Welcome to Ocrolus' API Documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation here to help you get started with the Ocrolus API. Let's jump right in!

Authentication - Basic Authentication

The Ocrolus API uses API Keys and Secrets to authenticate incoming requests and identify the user(s) invoking endpoints.

Authentication to the API is performed via HTTP Basic Authentication Scheme.
API requests without authentication will fail, triggering the following failure response in JSON.

  "status": 400,
  "message": "Authentication failed",
  "code": 1200,
  "response": null


To learn how to embed credentials in your HTTP request, view the code samples in the following endpoint documentation.

Generating the API Key & Secret

You generate your unique API Key and Secret from the My Organization page on our web app.
Your API Key and Secret are the digital keys to your account. Be sure to keep them secure.

API Key requirements for a new API Acccount

When creating a new API Account, note the following requirements for the API Key:

  • You must use a valid email address that can succesfully receive messages.
  • The email address must be unique to the new Account and not be associated with another Account in your Organization.

Managing your API Account

You can manage your API Account(s) on the My Organization page on our web app.
On the page, you can perform tasks, including:

  • Reset the password for an existing API Account
  • Remove an API account.

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Authentication - Basic Authentication

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