Classify mixed documents and collate into individual forms

Ocrolus’s DocumentDocument - A Document is a single sequence of Bank Statement pages. The sequence can contain pages from multiple Bank Statements, including different Bank Accounts and Account Holders. During data capture, Ocrolus attributes the Account Holder, Bank Account, and Period information to each processed Transaction therein. Classifier performs document classification - classifying mixed documents and collating the documents into individual forms. With Classify, you get a summary of the contents of a loan or a single mixed document. This allows you to see whether a set of required forms are present. You can also avoid the errors that may come from uploading miscategorized documents to our other upload endpoints.

Next steps - upload a mixed document to Ocrolus

  1. Create a new book to hold one or more paystubs and other related forms. Save the book_uuid for later use.
  2. Upload the input file using the mixed-document upload endpoint.
  3. Retrieve the Classify results using the Book or mixed-document classification summary endpoint.

Example classification summary

  "status": 200,
  "message": "OK",
  "response": {
    "forms": [
        "form_uuid": "71cb2e19-cf3b-4a1e-91c7-7b1703513491",
        "upload_details": {
          "mixed_doc_uuid": "b41ca80c-a4d1-4373-9329-90e7e5aba92d",
          "mixed_doc_page_indexes": [...]
        "form_type": {...},
        "upload_origin": "MIXED"
    "mixed_doc_uuid": "b41ca80c-a4d1-4373-9329-90e7e5aba92d"
  1. To receive document processing completion notifications, register for webhook notifications.

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