Classify mixed documents and collate into individual forms

Ocrolus’s Document Classifier performs document classification - classifying mixed documents and collating the documents into individual forms. With Classify, you get a summary of the contents of a loan or a single mixed document. This allows you to see whether a set of required forms are present. You can also avoid the errors that may come from uploading miscategorized documents to our other upload endpoints.

Next steps - upload a mixed document to Ocrolus

  1. Create a new book to hold one or more paystubs and other related forms. Save the book_uuid for later use.
  2. Upload the input file using the mixed-document upload endpoint.
  3. Retrieve the Classify results using the Book or mixed-document classification summary endpoint.

Example classification summary

  "status": 200,
  "message": "OK",
  "response": {
    "forms": [
        "form_uuid": "71cb2e19-cf3b-4a1e-91c7-7b1703513491",
        "upload_details": {
          "mixed_doc_uuid": "b41ca80c-a4d1-4373-9329-90e7e5aba92d",
          "mixed_doc_page_indexes": [...]
        "form_type": {...},
        "upload_origin": "MIXED"
    "mixed_doc_uuid": "b41ca80c-a4d1-4373-9329-90e7e5aba92d"
  1. To receive document processing completion notifications, register for webhook notifications.

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