Classify mixed documents and collate into individual forms

The Classify feature of Ocrolus is designed to identify and categorize PDFs and images into specific form types, including Tax forms, ID proofs, Bank statements, and Paystubs. By grouping similar form types together, it also performs document collation. With document classification, you can quickly get an overview of the contents of a loan file or a mixed document, enabling you to identify whether all the required forms are present. This feature helps you avoid the complexity of exception handling that often arises when uploading miscategorized documents to other endpoints. To see the complete list of supported form types, see forms directory.

The end-to-end flow of document classification using Ocrolus' classification feature involves several steps. Use can use classify the following types of documents using Classify:

The below example shows the JSON response of the classification summary.

  "status": 200,
  "message": "OK",
  "response": {
    "forms": [
        "form_uuid": "71cb2e19-cf3b-4a1e-91c7-7b1703513491",
        "upload_details": {
          "mixed_doc_uuid": "b41ca80c-a4d1-4373-9329-90e7e5aba92d",
          "mixed_doc_page_indexes": [...]
        "form_type": {...},
        "upload_origin": "MIXED"
    "mixed_doc_uuid": "b41ca80c-a4d1-4373-9329-90e7e5aba92d"

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