How Ocrolus Works

See how Ocrolus optimizes your workflow for all your enterprise financial documents

The Ocrolus API allows you to seamlessly classify, capture, and analyze your most important financial documents. For an explanation of each step in the process, see the sections below.


Ocrolus's enterprise machine-learning algorithms recognize and classify documents based on your specifications - no training required.


Ocrolus extracts data from your document and returns the data to you in a structured format:

  • Eliminating the need for manual entry and validation.
  • Saving your company hours of labor.
  • Reducing your overall turn around time.


Each time Ocrolus uploads a qualifying document, Ocrolus validates the document, checking for signs of suspicious activity:

  • File Tampering
  • Incomplete data sets
  • Missing pages
  • Invalid dates and amounts
  • Abnormal fonts
  • Irregular formats


Ocrolus uses the financial industry's most up-to-date and trusted algorithms to analyze the document. Ocrolus can also auto-populate results directly into your back office:

  • Reducing the risk of human error.
  • Reducing turn around time.

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