How Ocrolus works

See how Ocrolus optimizes your workflows for processing financial documents

The Ocrolus API allows you to seamlessly Classify documents, Capture key data fields, Detect fraud and Analyze cash flows and income. For an explanation of each step in our process, see below.


Our machine-learning algorithms recognize and categorize documents, routing those it reads with imperfect confidence to Ocrolus verifiers for human review.


Ocrolus extracts data from your document and returns the data to you in a structured format:

  • Eliminating the need for manual entry and validation.
  • Saving your company hours of labor.
  • Reducing your overall end-to-end processing time.


Ocrolus checks qualifying documents for signs of suspicious activity, including:

  • File tampering
  • Incomplete data sets
  • Missing pages
  • Invalid dates and amounts
  • Abnormal fonts
  • Irregular formats


Ocrolus helps you gain deep insights into borrower cash flows and income with clean, normalized data.