Bank Statements

The Ocrolus API is most commonly leveraged to process PDF bank statements. It outlines the essential workflows involved in this process below.

To learn more about the processing of bank statements, see bank statements processing.

Upload PDF bank statements

To upload PDF bank statements:

  • Generate your API credentials as described in the Authentication section.
  • Create a new Book to upload all the bank statements for a given case.
  • Upload the PDF files to the Book. Reference the book_pk from the response of the create Book call. This will ensure that the files are organized within the appropriate Book.



We currently support bank statements from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Check for completion



While you can request results at any point, you will only receive data from documents with VERIFICATION_COMPLETE status.

In order to receive results from a case, poll for completion for documents in a Book. In this scenario, poll for Book status. Alternatively, configure a webhook to be notified when a document or Book is complete.

Extract results from a Book

Once processed, bank statements produce a JSON object. You can find details here. We have a basic rule to spot duplicates (deduplication logic). If two transactions that happened on the same date, have the same description, and the same amount in the same Book, then we consider one as a copy of the other. Also, we can adjust how closely the descriptions need to match. This flexibility lets us catch duplicates that might not be exactly the same word for word.