How Ocrolus works

See how Ocrolus optimizes your workflows for processing financial documents

Welcome to the guide section of Ocrolus, where we'll explore how this platform can help you optimize your workflows for processing financial documents. This guide will provide a detailed understanding of how Ocrolus works and how it can benefit your organization.

Ocrolus provides an API that seamlessly classifies documents, captures key data fields, detects fraud, and analyzes cash flows and income. In the following sections, we'll explain each step of the process in detail:


Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Ocrolus can quickly recognize and categorize your documents. In case of any uncertainties, our system automatically routes the document to Ocrolus verifiers for human review, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. To learn more about Classify, see Classify product guide and API reference documentation.


Ocrolus extracts data from your document and returns the data to you in a structured format, eliminating the need for manual entry and validation. This significantly reduces labor hours and accelerates the processing time from end to end. To learn more about Capture, see Capture product guide and API reference documentation.


Ocrolus checks qualifying documents for signs of suspicious activity, such as file tampering, incomplete data sets, missing pages, invalid dates and amounts, abnormal fonts, and irregular formats. Our fraud detection algorithms work around the clock to keep your financial documents secure. To learn more about Detect, see Detect product guide and API reference documentation.


Ocrolus helps you gain deep insights into borrower cash flows and income with clean, normalized data. It allows you to make informed decisions for your business with ease by analyzing financial data. To learn more about Analyze, see Analyze product guide and API reference documentation.

Processing Types

The processing types are directly linked to the book_class parameter in the Book creation, Book update , and the document_class parameter in the Upgrade document API requests.


Documents are initially Classified when they are uploaded to the Book and subsequently upgraded to Instant Capture or Complete Capture workflow as required. The entire Book can also be upgraded to Instant or Complete workflow if all the documents in the Book require Capture.


Documents are initially Classified and Captured via Instant workflow and then can be upgraded to Complete Capture as needed. The entire Book can be upgraded to Complete workflow if all documents in the Book require Complete processing.


Documents are Classified and Captured via Complete workflow. There is no upgrade available at the document or Book level as the Complete workflow is the most accurate form of processing.