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Getting Started in Mortgage

Ocrolus offers a variety of solutions for mortgage providers that revolve around document classification, data extraction, and data analysis. We classify, collate, and capture data fields from qualified and non-qualified mortgage applications.
These capabilities are offered through three channels:

  1. Ellie Mae Encompass Integration
  2. Ocrolus Web App
  3. Direct API Integration

Example - Use case: A loan processor receiving a correspondent loan package

The Ocrolus suite of products automates this entire process. We can classify mortgage documents, produce an application completeness report, extract all necessary data from the provided documents, and run a variety of calculations and analytics on the extracted data.

We work with mortgage originators to expand form type support through its three phase Encompass integration process, whereby:

  • We connect into the Lender's Encompass instance to learn document taxonomy.
  • We map the Lender's document taxonomy into standard Ocrolus form types.
  • We map Ocrolus data capture elements into customer or standard Encompass data fields.

Support for Common Form Types

The following is a list of common mortgage form types that we support out-of-the-box.

Ocrolus Form Types: Income


Pension Award Letter

Social Security Award Letter



Ocrolus Form Types: Employment



Verification of Employment Letter

Ocrolus Form Types: Identity & Address

Driver's License



Permanent Resident Card

Social Security Card

Ocrolus Form Types: Deposits & Assets

Bank Statement

Brokerage Statement

Ocrolus Form Types: Mortgage Origination


1008 - Transmittal Summary


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Getting Started in Mortgage

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