Importing Plaid audit copy token

Plaid setup for audit copy tokens

Before Ocrolus can get the Asset report associated with an audit copy token from Plaid, you must enable the Ocrolus integration on the Plaid team dashboard.

Then, in order to allow borrowers to connect their bank accounts to your Plaid environment, you must integrate the Plaid Link product into your application.

Importing audit copy token into Ocrolus

Once you have Link integrated into your workflow, you can use the items created when a borrower connects their financial institutions to:

Please note that Lender analytics should only be used with bank statement transactions. The Transactions listing can be used for both bank statement transactions and credit card transactions.


Plaid auditor_id for Ocrolus

When creating audit copy tokens for Ocrolus to import specify the auditor_id as ocrolus.

See also

Under "Assets" > "Asset Partners" > "Ocrolus"