Getting started with consumer lending

Ocrolus offers a variety of solutions for consumer lending that revolve around document classification, data extraction, fraud detection and data analysis. We classify, capture, detect, and analyze data fields from a variety of documents.

These capabilities are offered through two channels:

  • Ocrolus dashboard
  • Direct Ocrolus API integration

Benefits of Ocrolus in consumer lending:

  • Verify identity, employment, income, assets, address, and more for any traditional or non-traditional borrower
  • Authenticate critical information with speed and accuracy you can trust
  • Evaluate borrower creditworthiness with 100+ cash flow metrics, including income, expense, transactions, and trend

Support for common consumer lending form types

The following is a list of common consumer lending document types that we support out-of-the-box:

Supported third party integrations

Ocrolus offers integration with Plaid for easier access to bank data to make informed lending decisions.

Important Ocrolus resources on consumer lending