Get an access token from this endpoint so you can authenticate to our other endpoints.

Retrieves a JWT-compliant access token for use with all other endpoints.

Here's an example of using the returned token in an API call:

curl \
  --url "" \
  --oauth2-bearer "eyJhbGciOiJ...2hUye_4CpIvQ"

See here for more details.

This endpoint is OAuth 2.0-compliant. A successful response from this endpoint adheres to the structure given in RFC 6749, section 5.1, while a failed response adheres to the structure given in section 5.2. As a consequence, you can use this endpoint in OAuth 2.0 clients and libraries without needing to explicitly call it in your own code.


This is in beta!

This page describes functionality that is in beta, and is therefore subject to change. We would greatly appreciate it if you reported any feedback (including bugs) to customer service. The same goes for this documentation.