API Rate Limit Policy

API Rate Limit Policy

The API rate limit policy governs the maximum number of requests that can be made to our API within a specific timeframe across your organization. This policy is in place to ensure fair usage of our services and to maintain optimal performance for all clients.

General Rate Limit:

  • The rate limit is set at 20 requests per second per organization. This limit applies to all API endpoints combined.

Understanding Rate Limiting:

  • The general rate limit applies to all endpoints within our API, allowing a maximum of 20 requests per second organization-wide.
  • Exceeding the specified rate limit will result in an error response indicating that you have reached the limit.
  • Rate limits are calculated on an organization-wide basis and apply uniformly across all API credentials associated with your organization.
  • Rate limits will not change without prior notice and will always be communicated through the proper channels.

Best Practices:

  • Implement appropriate client-side throttling to ensure compliance with rate limits.
  • Incorporate backoff strategies to adjust request rates based on error response.
  • Monitor your API usage regularly to avoid unintentional breaches of the rate limits.
  • Utilize caching mechanisms where applicable to reduce the frequency of API requests.

Response to Rate Limit Breaches:

  • If you exceed the rate limit for any endpoint, your request will receive a response with a status code indicating the rate limit has been exceeded (HTTP 429 - Too Many Requests).
  • Retry your request after waiting to avoid further rate limit breaches.


By adhering to our API rate limiting policy, you contribute to the stability and reliability of our services while ensuring fair access for all clients. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in maintaining a smooth API experience.