Import Plaid Asset Report

Import an Asset Report directly from Plaid and construct a Document from it.

With fully automated workflows in mind, Ocrolus and Plaid offer the ability to directly import the Asset Report of any customer who has provided Bank Account details via Plaid - without you having to explicitly download and handle the JSON report.

To achieve this, Plaid will ask you to share an Audit Copy of the Asset Report directly with Ocrolus.

Next, Ocrolus will use the provided audit_copy_token to extract the associated Audit Report from Plaid. This must be a production token, as Ocrolus does not support sandbox tokens.

Then, Ocrolus will import the Audit Report into the specified Book.


Creating an Audit Copy Token

  • You can create an Audit Copy Token with Plaid using our auditor_id of ocrolus. Use this value when invoking the createAuditCopy function on the Plaid client object.


Due to masking of account numbers in Plaid data, we are unable to reconcile bank accounts across Plaid data and PDF bank statements. Mixing such uploads within the same book may result in duplicate bank accounts, periods and transactions.