Finalizes an image group and constructs a DocumentDocument - A Document is a single sequence of Bank Statement pages. The sequence can contain pages from multiple Bank Statements, including different Bank Accounts and Account Holders. During data capture, Ocrolus attributes the Account Holder, Bank Account, and Period information to each processed Transaction therein. from its images.

You can upload a file to this endpoint as a multipart/form-data-encoded payload. See our guide here for more information.

For all documents except bank statements, the optional form_type parameter can be used to specify the type of the document.

Some of the form types we support include:

  • W2
  • W3
  • PAYSTUB_01
  • TAX_940
  • TAX_941
  • TAX_944
  • A_1040_2018
  • A_1040_2019
  • A_1040_SCHEDULE_C
  • A_1040_SCHEDULE_SE
  • TAX_1096
  • A_1099_MISC
  • A_1099_K
  • ID

You can see the form types we support on the Additional Supported Form Types section of the usage guide. For more information, please contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Executive to discuss other options for your organization.