Ocrolus status codes

All successfully processed API requests return a JSON response with a status of 200 and a message of OK.

  "status": 200,
  "message": "OK",
  "response": "..."

If processing a request generates an application error, the JSON response reports the errors as follows:

  • The status attribute will have a value other than 200.
  • The message attribute will contain a descriptive explanation of the error.
  • The code attribute will identify the category of error.
  "status": 400,
  "message": "Authentication failed",
  "code": 1200,
  "response": null

Ocrolus API error codes

4001002Could not decode JSON string
4001003Request validation failure; check parameter values and types.
4001005Request verification rate limit exceeded
4001100The request could not be processed (are any of the fields mutually exclusive?)
4001101The requested endpoint does not exist
4001103Required parameter not found
4001104The parameter value is not a valid file
4001109The file is not a valid PDF
4001200Authentication failed
4001201Invalid refresh token
4001202Invalid access token
4001204Invalid API key credentials
4001306Email and/or password not found
4001307Account is not active
4001308Account is not verified
4001313Account info not found
4001316Account does not have required manager permissions
4001317Account is not a member of the organization
4001323Your organization has been deleted
4001324For your protection, your account has been locked after 3 failed login attempts. To reset your password, visit https://app.ocrolus.com/recover.
4001325For your protection, your account has been locked for 20 minutes after 20 failed login attempts. To reset your password, visit https://app.ocrolus.com/recover.
4001398Organization not found
4001399Account not found
4001401Book not found
4001402Book already exists
4001404Book containing documents pending verification
4001406Business is not associated with the book
4001407Business exists
4001408Business not found
4001500A DocumentError occurred
4001501Document not found
4001502Document exists
4001504PageDoc not found
4001508Page index out of range
4001511Mixed document is pending classification.
4001512Document contains more than the maximum allowed pages. See here for more information.
4001513An error occured while processing instant ML document.
4001601Transaction not found
4001609Transaction is already marked as a transfer
4001702Bank account was not found
4002100Invalid permission
4002101No permission to access this endpoint
4002102No permission to access this book
4002103Account permission error
4002104No permission to access this doc
4002105No permission to access this page
4002106No permission to access this txn
4002107No permission to access this form
4002108No permission to access this uploaded image group
4002109No permission to access this bank account
4002300Database error
4002401Error fetching final result from paystub service
4002500Error from mortgage service
4005001Filter exists
4005002Filter not found
4006001Form type not found
4007001Tag not found
4007002Image group not found
4007003No form config found
4007004Page index missing from uploaded images in image bucket
4008001This endpoint only accepts 1 file uploaded each time
4008002This book has reached the maximum allowable uploads.
4009001The analytics generation exceeded the maximum execution time. Please try again later or contact [email protected].
4009002Analytics is not supported for this type of case
4009003Analytics (JSON) can only process analytics for bank statements
4009101This organization does not have the permission required to retrieve the SentiLink score. Please contact support for more information.
4009102SentiLink score could not be retrieved due to an invalid field. Please contact support for further assistance
4009103SentiLink score could not be retrieved due to a missing field. Please contact support for further assistance
4009104SentiLink is not reachable. Please try again later
4259004Transaction tags are still being processed, they will be available shortly