An Upload endpoint sends a file to Ocrolus for processing.

For requests to an Upload endpoint, expect:


Request Method        : POST
Request Content-Type  : multipart/form-data

Response Content-Type : application/json

Example: Upload PDF to Book


The formal specification of multipart/form-data request payloads can be found in RFC 7578.

For more information see the multipart/form-data Payloads Guide.

Size limits

In order to keep our product operating efficiently, we enforce a hard size limit of 200 MB or 3000 pages per Document. Uploaded files that exceed either of these limits will be discarded. If you need to upload such a file, consider one of the following solutions:

  • Compress your document. Ensure that embedded text data is preserved and that image data is legible.
  • If your file represents multiple documents, break each Document into its own file. For instance, you can submit each Schedule of a 1040 form separately.
  • Remove extra pages that don't contain relevant information, such as instructions for filling out forms.
  • If the document in question is a scanned image, submit a digital version with embedded text data if you have one.
  • Convert your document's scanned image data to grayscale or monochrome.

If your uploaded file exceeds the page limit, you will receive an error message that looks something like this:

  "status": 400,
  "code": 1512,
  "response": null,
  "message": "Document contains more than the maximum allowed pages. Please break the document up into multiple documents or contact support for assistance."

If your file exceeds the size limit, you will receive an HTTP 413 status code without a JSON body.

If you can't reduce the size of your file, contact customer support and we'll help resolve the issue.

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