Encompass Integration - Classify

After you add and configure the Ocrolus API user within the client Encompass instance, the client works with Ocrolus to configure the appropriate settings for Ocrolus to support classification of mortgage form types.
Form types currently supported for Classify can be found here.

Adding "Processing Required" document container

Ocrolus listens for changes in the eFolder. A change occurs in the “Processing Required” document container triggers the webbook. Ocrolus downloads the attachments from the folder.

Encompass administrators should add the "Processing Required" document container as standard to the Encompass instance.

Ocrolus webhook parameters are customizable. If you need to customize a webhook parameter, contact Ocrolus customer support.

The eFolder upload workflow

Ocrolus listens for changes in the eFolder. When a change occurs in the “Processing Required” document container, and the change meets the webhook criteria, the following workflow occurs:

  1. Ocrolus receives a webhook notification for the new attachment in the "Processing Required" document container.

  2. Ocrolus fetches the attachment and ingests it into the Ocrolus system for processing. If the user has unlocked the loan, the attachment moves to the "Processing" document container.

  3. When Ocrolus results are ready, the original attachment moves into the "Processing Complete" document container. The attachment segments are put into the document container appropriate to their classification.

Note: The workflow is asynchronous. There is no limit to the number of attachments that can be in the Processing Required document container. The attachments can upload to the container at any time.

Standard document containers

Ocrolus automatically indexes four additional document containers as part of the Classify workflow. These documents contain information about the 'location' of an attachment in the workflow process. Encompass administrators do not need to add these documents to their instance.

Document Name

Document Purpose

Processing Required

The Ocrolus webhook listens for new attachments in this document container.


The attachment moves to this document container once it is successfully ingested.

Processing Complete

The attachment moves to this document container after re-indexing of the results is complete.


All pages of the attachment that are not one of the supported form types are indexed to this document container.

Duplicate Attachment

If an attachment is added more than once to the Processing Required document, the duplicate is re-indexed here to prevent data duplication.

Regardless of the location of an attachment, the client always has access to the source file that was originally uploaded.

When loan locks occur

Ocrolus only applies a loan lock on a loan when:

  • Uploading attachments to the Ocrolus system.
  • When classifications results are pushed back to the Encompass system.

If Ocrolus encounters a loan lock when uploading attachments or pushing results, the system will attempt to upload/push data back at a regular cadence until the loan is unlocked.

The document names are configurable. If you need to customize a document container, contact Ocrolus customer support.

Attachment naming conventions

Ocrolus renames all classified indexed attachments.
You can view standard attachment naming conventions here. Ocrolus does not rename the source file(s).

The attachment names are configurable. If you need to customize a document container, contact Ocrolus customer support.

See also

After document and attachment naming conventions are aligned, the integration for Classification is complete. For more information about Capture, visit the Encompass Integration - Capture page

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