DocIndex brings the power of Classify into your existing Encompass instance with our integration. Once your Ocrolus API user is set up, you can enable DocIndex by configuring your eFolders as follows.

Standard document containers

We use a handful of predefined containers that represent specific stages in our document processing pipeline. To use DocIndex, ensure that your Encompass instance has the following document containers:


A list of document containers in an Encompass instance, some of which are used by Ocrolus. The "Duplicate Attachments", "Ocrolus Processing Complete", "Ocrolus Processing", "Processing Required", and "UNKNOWN" containers are highlighted with red arrows indicating their importance.

The containers are used as follows:

Document NameUsage
Processing RequiredWe monitor this container for new documents to process.
ProcessingDocuments are moved here from Processing Required once we retrieve and start processing them.
Processing CompletedDocuments are moved here once we process them successfully.
UNKNOWNIndividual pages of documents from Processing are moved here if they're not of a supported form type.
Duplicate AttachmentWe move duplicate copies of files within Processing Required into this container to prevent data duplication.

When setting up the document containers, make sure that the Webcenter, TPO Portal, and EDM Lenders boxes are checked for each of the above containers, as shown below:



Need different names?

The aforementioned container names represent the most common use cases. However, if you need them to be named differently then contact customer support and we can work with you to find a solution.


The Document Details window, which contains several W-2 forms from a borrower. The names of the uploaded documents are highlighted.

You can access the file that was originally uploaded at any time, regardless of its location.

The "Processing Required" Document Container

Ensure that your Encompass instance defines an eFolder named "Processing Required," as shown below:


The document containers available in an Encompass instance. The required "Processing Required" eFolder is highlighted with a red arrow, denoting its importance.

We automatically retrieve and process any attachments that are added to the "Processing Required" eFolder.

eFolder process

Ocrolus listens for changes in the eFolder. When a change occurs in the “Processing Required” document container, and the change meets the webhook criteria, the following workflow occurs:

  1. Ocrolus receives a webhook notification for the new attachment in the "Processing Required" document container.
  2. Ocrolus fetches the attachment and ingests it into the Ocrolus system for processing. If the loan is unlocked, the attachment moves to the "Processing" document container.
  3. When Ocrolus results are ready, the original attachment moves into the "Processing Complete" document container. The attachment segments are put into the document container appropriate to their classification.

An eFolder named "Ocrolus Processing Complete" is selected. The processed files are shown in a table on the right.


When are attachments uploaded?

The workflow is asynchronous. There is no limit to the number of attachments that can be in the Processing Required document container. The attachments can upload to the container at any time.

When loan locks occur

Ocrolus only applies a loan lock on a loan when:

  • Uploading attachments to the Ocrolus system.
  • When classifications results are pushed back to the Encompass system.

A loan is locked because someone else is editing it. The user is being prompted to open it in read-only mode.

If Ocrolus encounters a loan lock when uploading attachments or pushing results, the system will attempt to upload/push data back at a regular cadence until the loan is unlocked.

The document names are configurable. If you need to customize a document container, contact Ocrolus customer support.

Attachment naming conventions

Ocrolus renames all classified indexed attachments.

You can view standard attachment naming conventions here. Ocrolus does not rename the source file(s).

The attachment names are configurable. If you need to customize a document container, contact Ocrolus customer support.

Retry Policies

Ocrolus APIs interactions with Encompass adhere to an exponential retry policy. After the sixth retry, an Ocrolus Customer Success team member will reach out to your company's point of contact to raise the issue.

Attachment Ingestion

When a loan is locked by a user in Encompass, Ocrolus will be unable to ingest any attachments that do not meet the criteria for upload. When this occurs Ocrolus will attempt to enter the loan again as per the below retry policy.

Retry Attempt



10 minutes after first attempt


20 minutes after first attempt


40 minutes after first attempt


80 minutes after first attempt


160 minutes after first attempt


320 minutes after first attempt

Attachment Reindexing and Capture

In the event that Ocrolus has completed classifying and capturing data from an attachment or a set of attachments and cannot access the loan because it is locked, Ocrolus will attempt to reenter the loan again as per the below retry policy.

Retry Attempt



1 hour after first attempt


2 hours after first attempt


4 hours after first attempt


8 hours after first attempt


16 hours after first attempt


32 hours after first attempt

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