Installing the Ocrolus forms


Once you have your persona and document containers configured, you'll be ready to set up our custom input form and enable the full power of Ocrolus! This section describes the process by which you or your Encompass administrator can do so. After completing these steps, DocSnapshot and DocIncome will be available. These steps only need to be done once per instance.

Once that's ready, you can install the custom forms as follows:

  1. Download the Ocrolus tools input form package that was provided by our implementation team.
  2. Open the Input Form Builder tool from the Windows Start Menu. You can search for it by name, or you can find it in the Encompass folder that the installer created.

An application named "Input Form Builder" is highlighted after being searched for within the Windows Start Menu.

  1. Select Package Import Wizard from the Tools menu.

The "Package Import Wizard" menu item on the Input Form Builder is highlighted.

  1. In the Package Import Wizard, click Browse, then find and select the .empkg file that you downloaded in Step 1.

The Package Import Wizard prompting the user to select the package to import. The file was chosen, and the "Next" button is highlighted.

  1. Continue navigating through the import wizard. When the process completes, click Yes to open the imported form.

A prompt to open the recently-imported form, with the "Yes" button highlighted.

  1. Once the form is opened, select File and Save to Encompass.
  1. Go to ToolsManage Customizations and choose the Custom Data Objects tab.
  1. Select and download Ocrolus.Plugin.config.
  1. Open Ocrolus.Plugin.config with a text editor such as Notepad, and replace the client_id and client_secret with the values we provide you. The relevant part of the file should look something like this:

These credentials are sensitive information, and should only be shared with your Encompass administrator. They can be used to access all data within your Ocrolus account. If you lose these credentials or believe they've been compromised, contact customer support as soon as possible. 10. Save and close the file.

  1. Use ToolsManage CustomizationsCustom Data ObjectsUpload to upload the CDO back into Encompass.