Classify & Capture (PDF)


This endpoint is in beta!

  • You may occasionally experience unannounced changes or bugs. We'd greatly appreciate your feedback on this feature and its accompanying documentation.
  • Additionally, submissions to this endpoint are limited to 1000 documents per month for the duration of the beta.

Captures data from the submitted form without sending it to our human verifiers. Results are returned immediately in exchange for accuracy.

This endpoint accepts a single PDF uploaded as the request payload.
Documents submitted to this endpoint are not saved to any Book.

A possible use case is to verify the presence of certain required documents, or to ensure that important fields (e.g. name and address) are provided.

A response from this endpoint may take longer than it would from most of our other endpoints, depending on the size and complexity of the uploaded document. However, it will always be faster than waiting for the document to be processed by our standard pipeline.

You can use this endpoint with the same authentication system used by the rest of the API.