Create business verification

Create a new business for verification and due diligence.

Once created, we will automatically begin verifying the legitimacy of the business.

We have partnered with Middesk to bring you this data. To use this endpoint, please follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up for an account with Middesk.
  2. Get your Middesk production API key (we don't support sandbox accounts at the moment).
  3. Call our Vendor Auth with middesk as the vendor name and put the API key in the request body.
  4. Set up an Ocrolus webhook by calling Configure Webhook to get back the Middesk results as soon as they are done processing.
  5. Call this endpoint with the uuid for a Book containing one of your business loan applicants to get the verification process started.
  • Make sure the Book is verified before making the call.
  1. Get the results back in a timely way with the webhook you set up earlier!
  2. Or you can also call the Retrieve business verification endpoint with the book_uuid and business_uuid in case you prefer to get back the results this way.