Get consumer income for a variety of use cases, from qualified mortgage income calculations to student and auto loans.

Qualified Mortgage Lending

The traditionally employer borrower endpoints will be what you're looking for. Use the JSON endpoint to populate your LOS in an automated way, the PDF option for audit / regulatory reasons and the CSV if you prefer to add your own tweaks to the income calculations.

Some of the benefits you will see from implementing these endpoints:

  • Saving your underwriters and loan processors dozens of minutes on each loan application
  • Increased accuracy of income calculations' results
  • Increase number of loan applications processed per month
  • Faster underwriting turnaround time for a better borrower experience

Other Consumer Lending

The paystub income endpoint will be the easiest way to get started and get income estimations for your loan applicants.

Some of the benefits you will see from implementing this endpoint:

  • Higher conversion on your forms if you ask for income information
  • Higher accuracy for income calculation results
  • Saving underwriters' time