September 2023

Release notes

What's new?


New Classify specific documents

The Classify support is enabled for the following newly onboarded documents:

  • Abstract of Title
  • Applicant Certification Regarding Forbearance of Obligations
  • Assumption Agreement
  • Borrower Affirmation of Information Provided to Establish ATR
  • Borrower Consent to the Use of Tax Return Information
  • Buydown Agreement
  • Change of Circumstance
  • Closing Document Request
  • Closing Instructions
  • Compliance Report
  • Condo Project Manager Certificate
  • Flood Hazard Determination
  • Fraud Report
  • Homeowner Association Budget
  • Homeowner Association Bylaws
  • Homeowner Association Covenants Conditions Restrictions Summary
  • Homeowner Association Insurance
  • Homeowner Association Meeting Minutes
  • Homestyle Renovation Loan Agreement
  • Income Calculator
  • Large Deposit Explanation
  • Loan Submission
  • Loan Summary
  • Mortgage Findings
  • Mortgage Insurance Disclosure
  • Mortgage Insurance Payment Receipt
  • Mortgage Insurance Policy
  • Notice of Right To Cancel
  • Power of Attorney
  • Project Questionnaire
  • Property Tax Info Sheet
  • Purchase Advice
  • RESPA Affiliated Business Disclosures
  • Subordination Agreement
  • Title Commitment
  • Title Opinion
  • Trust Agreement or Trust Certification

To know more, see the All Supported Documents page.

Classify and Capture

New Classify and Capture supported Documents

The Classify and Capture supports are enabled for the following newly onboarded documents:

  • 1099 NEC - Nonemployee Compensation
  • Auto Loan Statement
  • Car Loan Deed
  • Child Care Payment
  • Court Judgment
  • Court Order
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure Notice
  • Letter from the Payor
  • Life Insurance Payment
  • Loan Agreement
  • Private Mortgage Payment
  • Release of Judgment or Lien
  • Rental Housing Payment
  • Solar Panel Lease Agreement
  • Solar Panel Loan Agreement
  • Solar Panel Payment Receipt
  • Stock Purchase Plan Payment
  • Student Loan Statement
  • Wage Garnishment Order
  • Wire Remittance Statement

To know more, see the All Supported Documents page.


Detect Severity

We have temporarily disabled the Detect Severity feature until further notice and all related functionality will revert to the previous version. For more details, contact our Customer Success team at [email protected].


Instant support in Dashboard

We are excited to announce that Instant is now available on our Dashboard. Instant is our fully automated solution that provides shorter turnaround times for document processing. To learn more about Instant in the Dashboard, see the Instant page.

Before you can start using Instant, your org needs to be set up by Ocrolus. Reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected] for more information.