August 2022

Release notes

What's new?

New version of Dashboard

A new version of Dashboard 4.0 is released. As part of it, the following features are introduced:

  • File Uploader: This feature allows customers to upload documents without the need to specify document types
  • Book Overview: This feature demonstrates Ocrolus' powerful Classify, Capture, and Detect features.
  • Guided Tour: It highlights the key areas to help users learn about the value of these capabilities.

Bank statement income calculator

The bank statement income calculator offers comprehensive analytics such as NSF transactions, large deposits, and statement balances that are derived from transaction details extracted from the borrower's bank statements. To know more about this feature, see Bank Statement Income Calculator.

Enriched Transactions

This feature is an enhancement to our existing bank statement analytics book summary product. Users can now access a transaction enrichment API endpoint that provides categorical tags based on transaction descriptions. To know more about this feature, see Enriched Transactions documentation.

Cash Flow Features

This feature is an extension of the Enriched Transactions feature that allows clients to access a list of purpose-built and ready-made cash flow attributes in a normalized way that serves as inputs into proprietary credit risk models. To know more about this set of engineered features built from the enhanced transaction API service, see Cash Flow Features documentation.



Users will now have access to the following:

  • File Uploader
  • Classify
  • Doc Cancellation
  • Book Overview
  • Detect in Dashboard (with useDetectResponse turned on)
  • Detect Sample Docs (all users even with useDetectResponse turned off)