May 2021

Release Notes


  • Customers can now use UUIDs with V1 image group uploads.
  • Customers will receive Paystub data significantly faster due to parallelization improvements.
  • Encompass Clients can now upload attachments up to 600 MB via Encompass so that users do not need to manage different requirements across Encompass and Ocrolus
  • Encompass Clients can now have attachments uploaded to the File Manager Unassigned pane ingested so that current client workflows do not need to be changed with an Ocrolus integration
  • Encompass Calculate clients can not access “Other Income” and “Military Entitlement income in the Ocrolus Income Calculator Custom Form
  • Encompass Calculate clients will only receive new Income Calculator pdfs when updated data is available
  • If desired, bank statement transactions can now be automatically deduplicated during processing.
  • QM lenders now have access to an improved TEB income calculations PDF in order to get the income calculations for multiple current places of employment and for audit trail purposes.

Bug Fixes

  • Customers will now receive one book-level webhook when all mixed documents in that book are complete.
  • Mixed document statuses update correctly when they are uploaded as image groups or image buckets.
  • Encompass Clients on Skydrive can now upload Image Files
  • Paystubs naming conventions have been restored