June 2023

Release notes

What's new?


Organization-level webhook

We are excited to introduce the new Organization-level webhook feature, designed to enhance communication and streamline event notifications within your organization. It provides a centralized and consolidated notification system for important events within your organization. By configuring a single URL, you can receive notifications for events that occur across all accounts within your organization. This streamlined approach enhances collaboration, facilitates efficient workflow management, and ensures that all relevant stakeholders are promptly informed of important updates and changes.

Key features

  • Centralized notification system for organization-wide events
  • Efficient communication and collaboration within the organization
  • Streamlined workflow management and decision-making


  • Standardized and centralized notification system
  • Eliminated duplication of notifications across multiple accounts
  • Customizable event subscriptions for different teams or accounts
  • Tailored and targeted notification management

To configure and manage Organization-level webhooks, see the Webhook section.


Uniqueness Values (UV)

We are pleased to introduce the integration of Uniqueness Values (UV) into our platform, offering a powerful capability to significantly enhance the classification and grouping of documents. With UV, users can now experience faster delivery of classification results and the ability to capture predefined fields for different form types.

One of the key advantages of UV is the immediate availability of classification results as soon as the classification process concludes. This eliminates the waiting time traditionally associated with document capture, allowing users to access valuable information promptly. By enabling UV, users can retrieve classification results instantly, streamlining their workflows and improving overall efficiency.

The integration of UV also extends to partner applications through seamless utilization in Partner Connect. The API can populate data in the Encompass Classify UI, ensuring smooth integration and presentation of classification results within partner applications.
To enable UV for your account, please reach out to our support team, who will be happy to assist you in activating this feature. To learn more about the uniqueness feature, see Uniqueness Values (UV) page.