July 2023

Release notes

What's new?

Instant workflow

We've introduced the new Instant workflow. It offers fast and cost-effective document insights through machine processing. With this update, you can now create Books with the option of Instant or Complete processing. This will allow you to choose your preferred workflow for Book processing.

The Instant workflow supports various document types, including bank statements, pay stubs, W-2s, 1040s, 1040-Cs, 1099s, and identification documents. In most cases, you can expect responses within a minute, making it a swift and efficient processing option.

Standard functionalities such as Classify, Capture, Detect, and Analyze are fully supported in the Instant flow, providing comprehensive document insights. The Instant process ensures full accuracy. However, if a book contains documents that are not supported by Instant, you can upgrade it to the Complete Human-in-loop flow.

To learn more about the Instant workflow, see the Processing Types page.