January 2023

Release notes

What's new?


Analytics 2.0 (beta)

Three new API endpoints are released into beta to retrieve our new and improved cash flow analytics. These endpoints help you generate the analytics faster with a more flexible output format and accurate transaction categories (including improved revenue and expense calculations).

The following are the newly added APIs:

  • Enriched transactions: This endpoint retrieves transaction-level categorizations that serve as building blocks for all other cash flow analytics products. New categories include tax (state, federal, and payroll), transfers (internal, wire, merchant service, and other), and debt (fintech loan, bank loan, other loans, and fintech MCA). To learn more about this endpoint, see the Enriched transactions page.

  • Book summary (JSON): This endpoint retrieves daily balances, bank account PII, and time series for all transaction categories at the book and bank account level in a format similar to the existing Analytics 1.0 book summary (JSON). To learn more about this endpoint, see the Book summary (JSON) page.

  • Cash flow features: This endpoint retrieves “out-of-the-box” features like averages, ratios, volatility, and so on based on the aggregations of enriched transactions. You can use these features to build credit risk models and as a direct feature feed for on-demand risk decisions. To learn more about this endpoint, see the Cash flow features page.


Rate limit

The rate limit for the Ocrolus API has been increased from 5 requests per second to 20 requests per second. The rate limit is the maximum number of API calls an organization can make within one second. The increased rate limit provides greater scalability and improves the overall user experience. See the HTTP Status Codes page to learn more about the rate limit.