September 2022

Release notes

What's new?


New Dashboard version

A new version of Dashboard 4.2 has been released. As part of it, the following features are introduced:

  • Sample Book: A new sample book is added to the onboarding banner and is visible to all trial users. The detect sample book is expanded by adding the transaction data into it.
  • Setting Center: Fixed all the issues (including UI) that led to the inability to remove legacy credentials.
  • Credit Card Checkout: Trial users can now upgrade their account directly within the Dashboard.
  • Lender Analytics Manager: Users can now generate and manage their lender analytics reports easily in the Dashboard.


The new Detect product for identifying and capturing document fraud has been made generally available. Detect works on PDFs of bank statements, pay stubs, and W-2 forms and indicates where file tampering has occurred on a document, which fields were changed on the document, and can uncover the original document for fraud analysts to compare against. Dashboard visualizations are also available that display everything Detect caught along with detailed descriptions of each signal of tampering.
Detect enables lenders to identify and review fraudulent or tampered documents more quickly and accurately than the human eye, allowing more confident lending decisions and the ability to process more loans. To know more about Detect feature, see Detect.