June 2022

Release Notes

What's new?


OAuth2.0 credentials and Invitation flow features are now added to the Dashboard Settings Center. OAuth2.0 is an industry-standard protocol for authentication with an added layer of advanced security. To know more about OAuth2.0, see Migrating from Basic Authentication to OAuth 2.0 Credentials.

A new Book Sharing UI is introduced on the Dashboard book listing screen. This new UI enables more flexible access control to books. To know more about Invitation flow, see Sharing Books with Other Organization Members.

Instant Classify & Capture API (Ocrolus Labs)

Now in addition to the PDF, a new endpoint is introduced to support image types JPEG and PNG for uploads. To know more, see Instant Classify & Capture (Images).



The following enhancements are done on the Dashboard:

  • The existing basic auth method now allows migration to OAuth2.0 credentials.
  • The search feature is enhanced
  • The onboarding form for the invited users is now optimized.
  • The navigation link on the Dashboard’s web app sidebar is updated. Now, the My Organization button navigates users to the Dashboard Team page, and the Account Settings button navigates users to the Dashboard Profile page. The updated links are My Organization and Account Settings.