Document classification

Classification is a key capability of Ocrolus, where we classify a PDF and image to a form type. We classify documents like Tax forms, ID Proofs, Bank statements, and Paystub. To know more about the list of supported form types, see the Forms directory. We also perform collation of documents where we group similar form types together.

With document classification, you get a summary of the contents of a loan file or a single mixed document. It allows you to see whether a set of required forms are present or not. Additionally, you can avoid the complex exception handling that comes with uploading miscategorized documents to our other upload endpoints.

Usage guide

To upload a mixed document to Ocrolus, and retrieve the classification results, follow the below steps:

  1. Create a new book to hold one or more pay stubs and other related forms. Save the book_uuid for later use.
  2. Upload the input file using the mixed-document upload endpoint. If you wish to upload the images, see Image Groups.
  3. Retrieve the document Classify results using the book or mixed-document classification summary endpoint.
  4. To know the uploaded mixed document status, call the Retrieve mixed document statusendpoint. We recommend registering for webhook notifications, which lets you know exactly when a document has completed processing.