Utilize Ocrolus Capture Capabilities within the Encompass LOS


DocSnapshot uses our Capture API to extract data from borrower-provided source documents and present them side-by-side with the existing Encompass 1003 field values. The PDF preview lets you easily source and verify every piece of Ocrolus-extracted data within a single user interface. Ocrolus offers the flexibility to the human decision-makers to make edits to the standard 1003 input fields directly within the input form, eliminating the need to juggle multiple screens.

The following video summarizes the detailed usage guide available on the rest of this page.

Supported Documents

Currently, DocSnapshot captures data from the following documents:

Form Type Borrower Info Borrower Address Employment Assets
1040 (2018-2021)
1040 Schedule C (2018-2021)
1065 Schedule K-1 (2018-2020)
1120-S Schedule K-1 (2018-2020)
Bank statement
Brokerage statement
Driver's license
Pay stub
Permanent Resident card
Social Security card
Written Verification of Employment

Not all data points are taken from all sources. For example, variations of a person's name are not captured from bank statements. This is because bank statements often contain several names of individuals and businesses.

How to Use

Any attachment you upload into the Processing Required document container you've configured for DocIndex will be processed by DocSnapshot.


A list of document containers in an Encompass instance. The container named "Processing Required" is configured to submit documents to Ocrolus.

To see DocSnapshot or DocIncome, go to the Forms tab and open the form named * Ocrolus. You may need to check the Show in Alpha Order or Show All boxes. Select the DocSnapshot button.


The Ocrolus Tools custom input form is selected in the Forms tab of the Loan menu. Buttons to access DocIncome and DocSnapshot are shown beneath the Ocrolus logo.

Selecting the DocSnapshot button will reveal two windows. The first one, labeled Existing Encompass Data, lists existing data for the selected borrower(s) in your Encompass instance. The second one, labeled Ocrolus Capture Data, lists the data we've extracted from the DocIndex source documents for the same 1003 section.


The "Existing Encompass Data" and "Ocrolus Capture Data" windows side by side. Both windows list information about the same borrowers.

The 1003 sections from which we currently extract data include:

  • Borrower personal information: Name, birth date, and social security number.
  • Addresses: All addresses associated with the borrower (mailing, current, previous, etc.).
  • Employment: Employee (i.e. borrower) name, company name, company address, and employment type (current or previous).
  • Assets: Asset owner, financial institution, account type, account number, and account balance.

Ocrolus Capture Data

The Ocrolus Capture Data window groups the data into expandable rows, where each row represents what we believe to be a single entity (i.e. a single person or business). Expand one of these rows to reveal the data we extracted from each document that describes this entity. Differences generally involve slight variations of a name, or data that isn't available in all provided documents.


An excerpt of the data that Ocrolus captured, with a clickable link to its source PDF highlighted. Each row on the table represents John Adams, but only one row includes his middle name. Some, but not all, rows include his birthdate and social security number.

If you need to check our work, you can review the original documents by clicking on the icon next to the document's name. The adjustable windows let you compare the Ocrolus-extracted data with the Encompass field data.


Watch out for multiple names!

Note that DocSnapshot cannot use any information beyond the contents of a book's documents. Consequently, a person or a company might be identified as two separate entities if they recently changed their name or frequently use a substantial variation. The same applies to the underlying API.

Existing Encompass Data

The fields on the Existing Encompass Data screen represent shortcuts to the standard 1003 Encompass fields. You can modify the underlying data without leaving DocSnapshot. That's why DocSnapshot consists of two windows.


The birth date for a prospective borrower being edited.


DocSnapshot does not currently support the following features or use cases:

  • Adding new Encompass VOR/VOE/VOD records within the DocSnapshot interface. A shell record must be created on the standard input field for it to appear on the DocSnapshot "Existing Encompass Data" screen.
  • Field values cannot be copied or pasted. This is planned for a future release.
  • Liability/VOL information is not supported at this time.